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The RFID Wood Marking System

The data medium is a robust plastic tag with integrated RFID inlay in UHF technology.
For carrying and application of the tag, the hammer together with the automatic magazine and the carrying bag can be used as a perfect system solution.
Mobile or stationary UHF-read units write and read the tags.


Data tag   RFID Tag    
Typ 04 - 43x38 mm with curved prongs for face wood

Very tough, white plastic (polycarbonate) with an abrasion-proof barcode and clear text label that can be individually designed.
Type: Class 1 Gen 2 passive UHF RFID transponder
Protocol: EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 ISO 18000-6C
Frequency: 865-869 MHz
Memory: 512 bit application memory
64 bit Unique TID
32 bit access and 32 Bit Kill passwords
IC: ALIEN Higgs™-3
Range: 2-4 m depending on type of timber and moisture


Mobile reading unit   TDS Nomad with UHF-reader    
The TDS Nomad is a robust and waterproof PDA with many options and a programmable operating system. When used together with the Tricon TRUMR-100 UHF reader module, it provides unlimited access to the world of mobile UHF transponder data collection.
Tag-protocol: ISO 18000-6B/C (EPC Class 1Gen2)
Frequency: 869 MHz
Output: up to 280 mW
Interfaces: USB-Host, USB-Client, RS232
Display: VGA 640x480 TFT
Operating temp.°C: -20° to +70°
Wireless: Bluetooth, Wlan
Power supply: Li-Ion battery pack 5200 mAh
Operating system: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0
Dimensions in mm
(H x W x D):
Housing material: Plastic
Weight: 644g


Stationary read unit   MOTOROLA XR480 RFID    
The stationary XR480 RFID reader offers high read and write performance for RFID tags as well as efficient radio frequency communication and is easy to integrate into a larger complete RFID solution.
The compact and robust unit is designed for the European market.
Tag-protocol: ISO 18000-6B/C (EPC Class 1Gen2)
Frequency: 869 MHz
Output: up to 1000 mW
Operating temp.°C: -10° to +60°
Interfaces: I/O control (12)-DB15,
serial RS232-console - DB9 USB-Host, USB-Client
Read points: up to 8 read points in single port mode, up to 4 read points in dual port mode
Network connectivity: 10/100 Base T Ethernet - RJ45
RF-connection: 8 Reverse TNC
Power supply: +24V DC ; 1,2 amps
Operating system: Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
Dimensions in mm (H x W x D): 220x300x50
Housing material: Cast aluminium
Weight: 2,27 kg


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