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Tagging Technology Tools



The long-lived and solidly built tools are made out of the best quality material and meet the highest safety standards. You can be sure to get ergonomic and reliable tagging tools - simply.




  •   Ball head for level striking of the tags
  •   ergonomic and impact absorbing wooden handle
  •   safe handle reinforcement
  •   Hammer head out of the best forging materials also available with pick or engraving

  Removal of individual tags from the automatic magazine.

  Simply press in lightly and the tag attaches to the hammer head!

  With only one hammer blow you fix the tag reliably in the wood, whether the tag has straight or curved prongs.

  The ball joint in the hammer head makes it possible for you to evenly strike the wood.

  The high-quality handle is a further feature of the unequalled quality of the original hammer.




  •  safe hammer grip
  •  reliable removal of individual tags
  •  excellent workmanship
  •  DOUBLE SAFE locking device: no unintentional unlocking of the tag magazine
  •  up to 6-combinations




  •  robust plastic
  •  light
  •  suitable for all types of  tags

 Made from high-quality plastic. Capacity up to 200 tags.

  Double capacity model for up to 400 tags possible.





  •  Standard set: Hammer, magazine and carrying bag
  •  proven quality
  •  240 tags
    perfectly arranged

 All devices can be combined with each other according to your requirements.

 The standard set consists of hammer, magazine and carrying bag.


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